Cognitive Document Data Capture

Kanverse is powered by the Cognitive ability to read and decipher unstructured data. Various documents such as invoice, receipt, purchase orders, contracts store important information but come in unstructured form and thus cannot be analyzed. The Kanverse AI Platform can read and extract crucial knowledge from such documents and also perform analytics on it.

AP Invoice Process Automation

Invoice processing comprises of a very important function in almost all businesses. However conventional methods for invoice processing are time consuming and often entail manual steps. With the Kanverses AI platform, businesses can automate invoice processing completely as it supports unstructured data. Key data can be extracted automatically and analyzed.

Pre-Trained AI Models

To make the journey to adopting AI faster for businesses, Kanverse comes with various pre-trained AI models that make deployment, faster and accurate. It has dedicated Invoice and receipts AI model that come with ready to use customizable fields. These plug and play features help businesses leverage from our expertise in various domains.


Kanverse comes with several built-in integrations such as with Salesforce, Oracle Fusion, ServiceNow, MS Office and more. This makes it a more robust Virtual Digital Assistant that leverages AI to make daily tasks easier. It is a one stop integration platform for many applications, saving users development time and resources spent on integrating common use applications.