Multi System Login

No user name or passwords stored – Secure Source Authentication and Authorization with SSO or Multi Login enabled. An Enterprise SmartBot approach keeping enterprise security at the heart of it. Your data is always protected. Provides the smartest and easiest way for information access and edits.

Cross Platform Intelligent Bot

Always Available Mobile and Browser based access – Intranet ready! A single cross platform bot for a unified Enterprise AI transformation outcome. No need for multiple bots for multiple purposes. Kanverse smartly interprets intents/ entities and retrieves data from the correct source.

Smart AI Builder

Configure and train self service use cases for your Enterprise. Empowers your organisation to scale faster and meet modern needs. A single platform for all your needs. Enable true Enterprise Digital transformation through a very innovative AI approach – this changes everything!

Enterprise Connectors

Leverage prebuilt connectors to connect with your existing enterprise systems. Plug and play architecture helps you scale really fast. Even legacy applications can be AI enabled – helping you transform and get rid of your legacy user experience woes.

Intelligent Enriched Conversations

Intelligent smart cards or tabular view which enable to visualize and navigate information better – extraordinarily simple to use. Breaking down enterprise silos and letting you focus on what you really need to. Our advanced NLP/NER engines make your enterprise truly agile – Discover how Kanverse is your true Digital Virtual assistant.