Assistant Chatbot

Power your IT Service Helpdesk with Kanverse to leverage our Intelligent Chatbot. Issues can now be addressed quickly and efficiently due to 24*7 availability across multiple browsers and platform. This increases productivity of the IT helpdesk by more than 50% due to features such as autorouting, intelligent responses and more.

Ticket Routing

NLP and ML to identify and sort tickets. Sentiment and intent analysis to sort priority and correctly assign to relevant groups who specialize in handling particular type of queries. As opposed to assigning manually this leads to higher accuracy and preparedness in handling tickets, lowering response time and saving costs by reducing downtime due to IT issues.

Smart Help

Kanverse is powered by smart help to make it easier for your IT Helpdesk to quickly and efficiently respond to tickets. It learns continually from past data and performs context analysis to prompt accurate responses to queries hastening a help desk personnel to address more tickets within a stipulated time period.

Auto Resolver

IT Help desks can now resolve basic queries without manual intervention with the help of the Auto Resolver feature in Kanverse. Some queries are often repeated and can be resolved with simple actions. In such cases the IT help desk can be empowered to resolve such tickets quickly decreasing average resolution time and minimizing dependencies.