Chatbot Learning

The platform learns continually through chatbot interactions, to train models through machine learning algorithms leading to accurate suggestions and more meaningful conversations. Advanced UI to train new data with the capability to categorize data and automatically label it.

Conversational Design

Advanced NLU with state-of-the-art BERT technology. Users can interact through natural conversations to integrate functions. Powered by Flow Designer and Q&A knowledge base along with tone and sentiment adjustment to ensure Dynamic conversation flows.

Development Tool Kit

Predefined standard UI component for user to design flowchart. Script less Workflow and Integrations configuration along with workflow Engine capable of handling complex logic, with scripting interface and API integration makes it very easy to deploy and run platform.

Patented AI Middleware

Highly customizable patented AI Middleware with several prebuilt connections to customize the application as and when required for highly scalable applications with a plug and play approach. Easy to deploy and easy to use AI Platform.

Domain Expertise

Predefined domain intent models are available with flexibility to customize for Enterprise functions such as Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, IT, Project Management & Collaboration, Customer Support and Supply Chain. The Domain Expertise in various functions adds to efficiency of platform.

AI Document Data Extraction

A Dedicated invoice & receipt AI model with 20 invoice data and 11 receipt data ready to use fields. These fields can be customized further based on business needs. The platform can extract insights from both structured as well as unstructured data.

Security & Compliance

Kanverse complies to Oauth2 login for connectors with 3rd party apps to maintain security standards. It is GDPR compliant and does not store any data other than email IDs. It does not store responses to user queries and stores queries only for providing accurate analytic.


Kanverse can be deployed easily due to cloud deployment. Due to the export/import configuration feature it is easy to deploy changes to production. With various built in features it is easy to customize and deploy a digital assistant, in line with business needs of an organization.

Management and Analytics

Kanverse comes with an exclusive portal for bot management that gives administrative control to the user. It provides out-of-the-box analytics reporting so that teams can take informed decisions. Analytics fields can be customized to provide a more comprehensive view.