How Transitioning to Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) could Transform Enterprise Processes - Now on Forbes!

August 10, 2022

When companies made the big shift to remote work because of Covid-19, it helped usher in a move to more digital document processing. Back in 2019, Gartner, Inc. predicted that "by 2025, 50% of business-to-business invoices worldwide will be processed and paid without manual intervention" and that "by 2030, 80% of business-to-business invoices worldwide will be transmitted digitally."  

This transition was already well underway, but the pandemic accelerated the process. While it's been hard for many companies, this digital shift is ultimately a good thing. Learn more about how companies can transform their manual document processing workflows with IDP. Learn More 

About the author 

Dr. Akhil Sahai (Chief Product Officer, Founding Member – 

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