Kanverse Jasper release introduced a new Sales Order Automation product. Sales operation and customer service teams can now focus on order fulfilment and customer service while automation takes care of manual data entry and processing.

With Jasper release, Kanverse is adding a range of new capabilities to AP Invoice Automation product. AP teams can now build multi-level approval hierarchies and direct approvals based on business rules. AP users can now ingest word-based invoices and bulk invoices in Excel format while retaining the same 99.5% extraction accuracy. Jasper release also brings advanced filters for APIA Dashboard based on Organizational hierarchy and for visualizing excel based invoices.

Insurance Document Processing product, with the Jasper release, has a new powerful Insurance dashboard to monitor day-to-day operations and image processing and classification capabilities for claims handling.

Here are the product features released with Jasper:


Kanverse introduces Sales Order automation for enterprises

  1. Ingest sales orders, extract order details, validate orders based on business needs, and fill in the orders – with Kanverse Sales Order automation.
  2. New dashboard for tracking and monitoring sales order.
  3. This product comes with Out of the box business rules to validate order data.
Multi-level approval workflow

New capabilities for AP Invoice Automation Product

  1. AP teams can build multi-layer invoice approval workflows and have business rule direct approval flows for seamless invoices processing.
  2. Approvals are made simple for end users; email notifications with an embedded link direct the approver to the document required for approval.
  3. Bulk invoices as a single Excel can now be ingested with business rules for allocation in Jasper.
  4. Non-PO invoices processing automation now automatically recommends the GL (General Ledger) code for processing
  5. New Dashboard filters based on business units and to visualize excel based invoices

New capabilities for Insurance document processing Product

  1. An redesigned UI (User Interface) insurance dashboard provides a holistic view of the entire operations
  2. New API introduced to support claims processing that can leverage the powerful Kanverse image processing to detect and classify damages with 99.5% accuracy

Enhanced user experience with the new release

  1. New support was added for ingesting and extracting word documents in the product
  2. Customers can skin and configure the logo in their tenant.
  3. Users can enable/disable multiple use cases in the product while processing documents simply through toggle buttons.
  4. Support for invoice attachments for COINS ERP systems.

Multiple platform enhancements

  1. Performance enhancements for bulk invoice uploads
  2. Enhanced security in Kanverse portal to restrict user access to their customer network or VPN for SSO login
  3. Response formatter per Tenant to customize extraction output.

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