Kanverse.ai introduces the Citrine version of its Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product for the digital native enterprise.

With its Citrine release, Kanverse.ai introduces a suite of innovative industry-leading features powered by AI, along with a completely redesigned UI.

Advanced AI technologies enhance the ability to optimize the entire document processing workflow. It keeps process owners at the centre by providing complete control to manage and monitor the whole orchestration through a new dashboard in intuitive ways.

The Citrine release now supports newer channels to import documents, pre-process documents, and support various document types. Documents entering your workflow can now be automatically classified powered by AI - all through the new Citrine release.

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A brand-new UI

  • An intuitive and robust interface to help operators seamlessly import documents for extraction.
  • Revamped UI to provision operators with a seamless experience while engaging with the platform.

Business Rule Framework

  • The system can now automatically validate field information across purchase orders and invoices.
  • It notifies operators under multiple situations when there is a mismatch between invoice and purchase order details.
  • It can detect duplicate invoices or instances when invoice information is missing and notifies the operator.
  • Kanverse IDP comes with a new UI component that accommodates custom rule validation scripts - unique to the requirement.

Providing operators with powerful features, which enhances the document extraction experience

  • Operators can now choose to view the critical fields from the extracted document while hiding the less significant fields.
  • Document Publish - This release enables operators to publish documents into Oracle EBS automatically.
  • AutoCorrect - Kanverse IDP can now automatically corrects vendor names by using fuzzy logic.
  • Provides constant notifications and alerts based on rules.

New document import channels

  • This version provides support to import documents from a hot folder.

Ingestion of documents with multiple invoices

  • Kanverse IDP can now seamlessly process multiple invoices from a single document.
    • Document file type –pdf/jpg.

AI driven Document Classification

  • This release introduces a powerful AI-powered capability to classify documents into respective document types and also classify based on sections/pages within the document before extraction.

New and powerful dashboard

  • The newly build dashboard provides complete visibility of the entire process. It enables operators to slice and dice the data to track efficiency and measure KPIs.

Import document enhancements

  • Kanverse IDP automatically detects the indentation of the imported document and performs adjustments (rotation) for enhanced viewing purpose.

A revamped document approval workflow

  • Attach documents/files/emails when sending to publisher / LOB owners for approval.

Adding a new layer of security for users

  • Powerful user login and authentication scheme using Single Sign-On (SSO).

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