AP teams can now import invoice data from MS Excel with the Iolite release. Iolite release also brings in a new out-of-the-box connector for COINS ERP, through which construction and real estate companies can publish invoice data seamlessly.

Iolite release creates a smooth product onboarding experience for new users with quick access to product walkthrough videos. Unique platform features are also introduced to enhance the existing user experience. Now, users can create a personalized workspace, build hot keys, customize action buttons, and much more while using Kanverse.

Here are the product features released with Iolite:


New innovative features for AP Invoice Automation Product

  1. AP teams can now extract invoice data from Microsoft Excel documents with the same 99.5% extraction accuracy.
  2. AP teams can now automate the processing of invoices arriving as Excel documents, having complex tables with multiple invoice line items end to end.
  3. AP administrators can now create multi-layer approval workflows for invoices based on the organization hierarchy.

Multi-level approval workflow

  1. AP administrators can now create multi-layer approval workflows, including delegation for invoice processing. Business rules can be configured to direct invoice approval flows based on the organization hierarchy.
Multi-level approval workflow

New out-of-the-box connector for COINS ERP

  1. Construction management and real-estate companies can now witness seamless invoice processing.
  2. Having an out-of-the-box connector reduces the time to go live and saves costs without the hassle of modifying the company’s IT environment.

A new How-to section

  1. Training videos in the product are provided to guide new users in how to use the new product features and provide them with a great platform experience.

Witness Kanverse live in action with no prior commitment!

  1. Iolite release opens a whole new possibility for AP teams of all companies. Users can upload invoices into the Kanverse portal and witness how Kanverse achieves 99.5% data extraction accuracy for their invoices in a live environment

Enhanced user experience with the new release

  1. Iolite release empowers users to create a personalized workspace. Users can now open documents in multiple tabs to perform necessary actions.
  2. Additional information is made available for each document arriving through the digital mailbox, e.g., email subject, email body, sender, receiver, etc.
  3. A new alert system for deployed business rules is designed to inform users regarding the execution status of the business rule.
  4. Brand-new advancements in the UI made for better table visualization on the document viewer screen. Also, users can split documents based on viewing preference.
  5. Users can also create hot keys that perform an additional operation on any document through special configurations provided in Kanverse.

Platform enhancement

  1. Iolite release provisions users to build a custom script to capture additional information from inbound emails arriving in the digital mailbox.

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