Deploying traditional machine learning models is often time-consuming, challenging, and resource intensive. Autolearning capabilities in the Hematite release bring about a paradigm shift into how organizations train their ML models.

Automating the process makes it more user-friendly while maintaining 99.5% extraction accuracy. As a result, organizations not having a specialized data scientist or machine learning expert can quickly deploy AI across their business processes. In addition, the Kanverse Hyperautomation platform can now automate machine learning models' selection, composition, and parameterization.

Hematite release also strengthens the Insurance Document Processing product by introducing powerful new features to increase productivity and enhance convenience. In addition, the Hematite release brings Kanverse integration into Majesco systems - Majesco customers can now access Kanverse across their environments and realize its potential.

Here are the product features released with Hematite:

New powerful-autolearning capabilities

  1. Users can now train new document types themselves while processing documents - by choosing to enable/disable training mode.
  2. Kanverse can now capture and resolve extraction ambiguities from new document types and automatically schedules it for learning purpose.
  3. Automatically evaluate the newly trained model to meet key performance parameters.
  4. Autolearning capabilities prevent similar document processing errors on new document sets, save operator time, and increase productivity

Packaged view processing for insurance submissions form

  1. Underwriters can now process multiple ACORD forms for a single submission simultaneously
  2. Kanverse system ingests different forms (e.g. ACORD 125, ACORD 126, supplemental) for underwriters and processes it as a single submission.
  3. The systems combine information from different ACORD forms for a single submission and publish it as a package.
  4. It reduces process cycle time, saves costs, and prevents manual data processing errors.

Majesco customers can now experience Kanverse!

  1. Hematite release brings a new connector for Majesco; using which Majesco customers can install and deploy Kanverse across their business environments and enjoy seamless insurance forms processing with 99.5% extraction accuracy.

Enhanced user experience with the new release

  1. Hematite release empowers users with the choice to customize key action buttons on the document viewer screen.
  2. Also, easily configure the columns of document list page.

Performance enhancements

  1. Support for OAuth authentication while deploying Business Rules and workflows.
  2. Upgraded image classification model.
  3. Advanced script support across input channels.
  4. Support for versioning of Business Rules.
  5. Show all Business Rule execution status on document viewer.

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