Emerald release brings together the revolutionary notion of collaboration and communication within the product to transform how AP teams work and solve problems - daily.

Kanverse.ai launches Emerald version of its Intelligent Document Processing product. Emerald release is going to take document processing technology to the next level and leapfrog AP staff experience multiple folds. Kanverse.ai introduces a suite of innovative industry-leading features powered by AI and automation.

What's New:

Collaborate with your co-workers to process the document

  • In-application collaboration helps users to effectively communicate, complete information, provide meaningful directives with the help of synchronous chats and asynchronous tagging and messaging; along with real-time in-app or email notifications.

Seamlessly assign documents to users or group

  • Ensure invoice reconciliation directives and compliance are adhered to with utmost urgency and precision, also assist your colleagues towards its resolution.

A transformational experience for AP teams

  • AP teams can add custom business rules to validate the extracted data, modify the document processing scheduler, and deploy automation in a click of a button.

More power to AP admins

  • AP admins can configure access and viewing rights for members across all the document processing stations.
  • Real time progress tracing and productivity monitoring with new intuitive features.

Rejecting invoices and providing feedback to vendors in real-time

  • Reject invoices, instantaneously email vendor with appropriate reasons, charter a corrective course – All through a press of a button.

Dashboard enhancements

  • New intuitive widgets are added – To make visualization even more exciting and insightful.

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