Automation is one of the primary growth drivers towards increased profitability, and the demand to automate workflows across accounts payable (AP) has witnessed significant growth - across small to large Enterprises.

Usher in zero-touch invoice processing with Kanverse. Ingest, extract, validate, and publish without manual interventions. Reduce cycle time, increase efficiency, reduce invoice processing errors, meet global compliance standards, and save costs.

$ 300,000,000 + in transactions processed

20,000 + Happy vendors

< 60 sec for invoice processing





Non-PO invoice processing
PO Matching
(2-way, 3-way)
High Volume Excel Ingestion

Key Features

Handle invoices from multitude of past and new vendors seamlessly

Kanverse can recognize and process multi-page, skewed, and multi-invoice documents with no prior knowledge of invoices. No more need for templates!

Multi-channel document import with auto-classification

Detect and import invoices from email, SharePoint, and your preferred choice of channels for processing. Invoices are processed while supporting documents are passed through as attachments.

Intelligent capture with 99.5% extraction accuracy

Recognize and extract the header, line-item data, and data from tables based on business needs. Computer vision recognizes vendor logo, identifies invoice and line-item information for extraction, also addresses nuances based on context

New Generation of business rules with library of out of box rules.

Kanverse comes with advanced business rules that automatically verifies and validates the extracted data. Build and deploy business specific custom rules to process the data with call outs to 3rd party systems if needed.

Match invoice details with existing ERP data while processing

Kanverse automatically pulls information like Vendor name, Vendor address, PO details, GL Code, Cost Centre et al. for verification purposes.

Validate the data. Flag mismatches and duplicate data

The business rule framework notifies operators during mismatches and guides operators through the resolution process. Detects anomalies based on company policies and ensure compliance.

Low code process automation approach

Automate workflows, build and deploy new business rules with minimal technical support.

Detect and prevent AP Fraud

Out-of-the-box fraud detection use cases helps enterprises to mitigate and manage risks.

Industry’s first - Fraud & Error Analytics Dashboard

A refreshing data visualization workspace with powerful widgets and drilled down insights.

Protect & prevent access to PII data

System identifies and blurs out the PII sensitive information from agents- processing invoices.

Collaborate, verify, and approve invoices instantaneously

Collaborate internally within the teams and with other team members in the Enterprise through the product. Set up approval flows in the product.

Process and create record in ERP of Choice – With ZERO Manual Entry.

Once the data is verified, a record is created in the ERP system (eg: Oracle EBS, Oracle Fusion, Netsuite, etc)

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Zero touch invoice processing with up to 99.5% extraction accuracy

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Kanverse IDP digitizes document processing for enterprises from ingestion, classification, extraction, validation to filing. Extract data from a wide gamut of documents with up to 99.5% accuracy using its multi-stage AI engine. Say goodbye to manual entry, reduce cycle time to seconds, optimize cost by up to 80%, minimize human error, and turbocharge productivity of your team.

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