Kanverse AP Invoice Automation product is built to do the heavy lifting across your AP cost centers while enabling your staff to focus on productive and business-critical activities. It ingests incoming invoices from different channels (email, FTP, SharePoint, etc.) It processes and extracts data from invoices with 99.5% accuracy using a host of AI technologies. It validates the data based on business needs and automatically publishes the data to end ERP systems. It notifies operators in case of mismatches and prompts operators throughout the resolution cycle.
Intelligent data capture uses AI technologies to process documents the same way a human operator would. The software is designed to identify and extract critical information from incoming documents (paper and electronic versions) without the guidance of human agents. An intelligent data capture software like Kanverse uses a combination of AI technologies to extract data from documents. Kanverse AI uses a multistage engine to process documents, where natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, computer vision, and machine learning (ML) ensures extraction accuracy of up to 99.5%.
Kanverse can be deployed within one month, including model training, configuring business rules, testing, model training, and user training.
No, Kanverse deployment will happen without altering existing IT networks and connections.
No, Kanverse is a SaaS product with a multi-tenant architecture – helping it meet security standards and seamlessly scalable based on business needs.
Kanverse currently runs on Microsoft Azure.
Kanverse out-of-the box model comes with 90% extraction accuracy. Once the model is trained, customers can witness up to 99.5% extraction accuracy.
Most languages that uses a variation of the Latin script are supported out of the box. Most popular ones - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Nordic languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish), Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian.
Kanverse supports a wide range of invoices across different formats – multi-invoice, multipage invoices, skewed invoices, scanned invoices, etc.
Kanverse comes with out-of-the box set of business rules, which can validate the extracted invoice data based on business requirements before publishing it to ERP systems. Kanverse also provisions to accommodate custom business rules.
Kanverse comes with pre-built connectors for Oracle EBS and Fusion. Connectors for other ERP systems are currently on development.
Kanverse system does not store any customer data by default.
Kanverse extensively complies with GDPR standards and recommendations.
Kanverse is a standalone end to end product and has an inbuilt workflow engine. It does not need an RPA product by default. Kanverse however has a technology alliance with UIPath, enabling UIPath customers to utilize and deploy its AI-powered document processing product across business processes along with existing or proposed UIPath deployment. Integration with other automation vendors is in the Roadmap.

Pricing and Billing

To provide you with an estimate, we need to understand your business environment in detail. If you are interested in getting a customized quote from our team, please feel free to Contact Us
We are currently accepting payment through credit cards and ACH (Automated Clearing House)
Kanverse is a subscription-based service, and customers are billed according to consumption. To learn more Contact Us
We have carefully curated dynamic pricing plans which recognize and adjust pricing based on the changing volume of document inflow. To learn more Contact Us
Customers are currently billed monthly. Contact Us with your customized requirements
No, at, its pay-as-you go service. We do not charge customers any cancellation fees.


We offer 24/7 premium support with onboarding, troubleshooting, training, and setting up the account for users. To know more you can Contact Us with your queries.