Financial Services

Companies operating across the financial services industry, namely banks, investment services companies, card services, accounting firms, taxation firms, and wealth management firms depend on the manual processing of documents across different organizational levels for smooth day-to-day operations. There is a constant flow of manual documents for the entire customer lifecycle from customer onboarding to customer service. Often companies have dedicated internal teams that are focused on manual data entry fand reconciliation for smooth operations. Companies have tried in vain to automate these document processing workflows using native OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools. However, dependency on native OCR tools has multiple challenges – low extraction accuracy still necessitates high touch defeating the purpose of employing such tools, layout changes hamper data extraction, leading to validation errors and impeding productivity. Delivering responsive customer service and frictionless financial service is the need of the hour. Reducing manual touchpoints is critical in building an effective process. 

Kanverse IDP solution can help you to:
  • Expedite process automation with AI-driven data capture and extraction. 

  • Quickly transform incoming document flows into actionable data for decision-making. 

  • Streamline manual document processing tasks through automation to increase customer experience. 

  • Improve response time to customers. 

  • Detect suspicious activity even before it becomes a threat. 

  • Provide trails for compliance and audit. 

Industry Specific Use Cases

Onboarding / KYC Compliance



Mortgage Processing



Loan Processing



Insurance claims processing



Trade Finance