Build a zero-touch sales order processing workflow with Kanverse. Ingest sales orders, extract order details, validate orders based on business needs, fill in the orders, and ship the goods seamlessly. Kanverse empowers sales operation and customer service teams to focus on order fulfilment while automation takes care of manual data entry.



Key Features

Handle sales orders from a multitude of past and new customers seamlessly

Recognize and process multi-page, skewed, multi-page sales orders in different formats (Email, PDF, MS Excel, etc.)

Process sales orders of distinct types

Processes multiple order types - subscription orders, recurring orders, service orders, cash sales, rush orders, scheduling agreements, etc.

Auto classify Sales Orders for processing

The Kanverse AI engine automatically recognizes and parses sales orders arriving across various channels (email, SharePoint, FTP, etc) for processing. 

Process Sales Orders in multiple languages

Recognize and process sales orders in Roman and Latin script-based Languages (e.g., English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.) 

Intelligent order data capture with up to 99.5% extraction accuracy 

Powerful multi-stage AI engine recognizes and extracts line-item data, header information, and data from tables from sales orders for processing.

Automated sales order entry

Automatically capture order numbers, item numbers, prices, quantities, billing, shipping information, and updates it into systems.

Out-of-the-box business rules for data validation 

Business rules help users perform multiple validation checks from the moment the sales order data is extracted.

Build custom order data validation workflows with Kanverse

Enterprise can seamlessly build custom data validation rules through Kanverse while processing orders.

Seamlessly resolve order processing mismatches 

A new alert system informs users about sales order processing errors and helps to identify the mismatch's origin based on inbound customer orders.

Collaborate, verify, and approve sales orders instantaneously 

Collaborate with different business teams across the enterprise through Kanverse while processing orders. Set up order approval flows in the product for verification.

Build automated workflows instantaneously

Elevate automation experience by building automated workflow without writing code. Increase go-live time and with higher ROI.

Process and create sales order records in ERP system of choice

Once the sales order data is verified, a record is automatically created in the ERP system, e.g., Oracle EBS, Oracle Fusion, etc
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Kanverse IDP digitizes document processing for enterprises from ingestion, classification, extraction, validation to filing. Extract data from a wide gamut of documents with up to 99.5% accuracy using its multi-stage AI engine. Say goodbye to manual entry, reduce cycle time to seconds, optimize cost by up to 80%, minimize human error, and turbocharge productivity of your team.