On average, 80% of documents entering business processes today are processed manually. Relying on human efforts to process documents can lead to long cycle times, unwanted errors, increased costs, and hampered productivity.

Kanverse Intelligent Document Processing product digitizes document processing workflows for its customers across multiple industries.

Kanverse combines automation with AI, ML, OCR and NLP technologies to deliver impact at scale.

Financial Services

Delivering responsive customer service and frictionless banking is the need of the hour. Reducing manual touchpoints that introduce human errors, omissions, costs and delays is critical to achieve this.

Kanverse IDP solution can help you to:

  • Expedited process automation with AI-driven data capture and extraction.
  • Quickly transforming incoming documents flows into actionable data for decision making.
  • Streamline manual document processing tasks through automation to increase customer experience.
  • Improve response time to customers.
  • Detect suspicious activity even before it becomes a threat.
  • Provide trails for compliance and audit.


Ensuring faster claims processing, underwriting and subrogation are important for Insurance providers. Getting full visibility into the processes, bottlenecks and ensuring seamless workflows is essential. Identify and automate the best manual document processing workflows to reduce operational costs, gain a competitive advantage, and deliver a compelling customer experience.

Kanverse IDP product understands the bottlenecks involved and comes with a perfect solution that solves your challenges.

  • Legacy document capture solution captures information inaccurately, which adds to costs and time.
  • Your automation investments are not delivering on the promised ROI and hampering faster processing off claims.
  • Detect fraudulent insurance claims, right when it enters the system.
  • Difficult to meet operational SLAs; as a result, customer service gets hampered and leads to churn.
  • Having holistic visibility across workflows to meet regulatory requirements and track operations.


Delivering responsive healthcare and making the health care processes from checkup/admission to care delivery, checkout and home care it is important to identify all bottlenecks in processing of key documents and providing a complete end to end view. Kanverse IDP product streamlines manual document processing actions with AI-powered automation technology. It enables organizations to reduce costs and improve customer service quality.

Kanverse IDP solution can help you to:

  • Streamline patient registration process with AI-powered OCR solution and automation.
  • Safely capture and export all patient information from paper documents and images to the system of records.
  • Automate the processing of claim forms with AI, seamlessly validate the data with existing records.
  • Increase productivity and save costs by automating manual document processing workflows across the finance department.


Build resilient and robust business processes that ensure supply chain availability. Advanced visibility and monitoring increases operational efficiency and establishes smooth transactions with an AI-powered automated document processing solution.

Kanverse IDP solution can help you to:

  • Identification and classification of shipping documents - invoices, PO, waybills, receipts, etc.
  • Automated invoice processing powered by AI eliminates unwanted errors, also opens up early discount opportunities.
  • Automatic validation of financial data from documents as it enters the workflows with AI-powered capture.
  • Digital processing of delivery receipts and proof of delivery documents.