Tighter budget allocations and increasing expectations are compelling the administration of educational institutions to optimize processes; do more with less. Educational institutions need to process student documents and other documents from external sources – vendors, contractors, etc. To maintain smooth operations, the administrative board builds departments that manually process the several types of incoming documents and accomplish specific tasks as a unit. For example, a student section will perform and process student registration, onboarding documents; the finance section will process the invoices from vendors and keep track and manage the overall finance and spending. In addition, the inflated costs associated with manual document processing create a major operational bottleneck, as scaling the process becomes extremely difficult. Manual document processing engages the staff with unproductive tasks and leads to a loss in productivity. 


Kanverse IDP solution can help you to: 
  • Identify, classify, and process documents across inventory management and supply chain 

  • Save manual document costs. 

  • Automated document processing powered by AI eliminates unwanted errors. 

  • Automatic data validation from records as it enters the workflow with AI. 

  • Increase operating efficiency with digital processing of documents. 

Industry Specific Use Cases

Invoices processing



Student document processing



Digital search and retrieve



Archive creation