Kanverse.ai launches the Kunzite Release.

Kanverse Kunzite release transforms claims processing with automation. Insurers can leverage Kanverse Insurance Document Processing product to build end-to-end automated claims processing workflows powered by Kanverse AI-driven image and document recognition engine.

Kanverse.ai launches the Jasper Release.

Kanverse Jasper release introduced a new Sales Order Automation product. New capabilities are added to existing AP Invoice Automation products and Insurance document processing products. AP teams can now build multi-level approval hierarchies, ingest MS word-based invoices, and process bulk invoices in Excel. A new powerful Insurance dashboard helps users to monitor day-to-day operations. Jasper releases also bring further image processing and classification capabilities for claims handling.

Kanverse Package View - Insurance forms grouped together for submission intake process using AI

Kanverse package view helps underwriters to process multiple ACORD forms for a single submission simultaneously. Kanverse system ingests different forms (e.g., ACORD 125, ACORD 126, supplemental) for underwriters and processes it as a single submission. The systems combine information from various ACORD forms for a single submission and publish it as a package. It reduces process cycle time, saves costs, and prevents manual data processing errors.

Kanverse.ai launches Iolite Release of its Hyperautomation Platform.

Iolite release brings new cutting-edge features to its existing AP Invoice automation product and powerful platform features that enhance our user experience. AP teams can now import invoice data from MS Excel with the Iolite release. The release also brings in a new out-of-the-box connector for COINS ERP, through which construction and real estate companies can publish invoice data seamlessly.

Iolite release creates a smooth product onboarding experience for new users with quick access to product walkthrough videos. Unique platform features are also introduced to enhance the existing user experience. Now, users can create a personalized workspace, build hotkeys, customize action buttons, and much more while using Kanverse.

Kanverse Auto-Learning : AI that learns

Kanverse users can now train new documents by themselves while processing - by choosing to enable/disable training mode. In addition, Kanverse captures and resolves extraction ambiguities from new document types and automatically schedules them for learning purposes. It also automatically evaluates the newly trained model to meet key performance parameters and ensures up to 99.5% extraction accuracy.

Kanverse.ai launches the Hematite release of its Hyperautomation Platform.

The Hematite release brings Autolearning capabilities to Kanverse. Underwriters can process multiple ACORD forms for a single submission simultaneously through Kanverse packaged view processing for insurance. In addition, the Hematite release also brings Kanverse integration into Majesco systems - Majesco customers can now access Kanverse across their environments and realize its potential.

Zero-Touch Document Processing with Kanverse and UiPath for UiPath customers

Kanverse is now a UiPath Advanced Technology Partner and brings Hyperautomation to manual document processing workflows. Kanverse's partnership with UiPath brings zero-touch document processing to UiPath customers with up to 99.5% extraction accuracy.

Kanverse.ai launches the Garnet release of it's Hyperautomation Platform

Garnet release revolutionizes document processing for insurance by introducing a zero-touch insurance submission process. Garnet release also strengthens the AP Invoice automation by introducing advanced AP Fraud prevention features. In addition, Garnet release brings to market a Kanverse+UIPath solution that delivers path-breaking innovation to UIPath customers.

Automate: ACORD 25 Forms Processing

ACORD 25 forms arrive from multiple channels; manually processing and entering the data into the insurance systems often leads to unwanted errors. Building an agile claims adjustment process ensures process continuity. A much dependable and convenient way of processing ACORD 25 forms is incorporating an AI-powered Hyperautomation approach.

Automate: Insurance Forms Submission Intake Process

Until now, data processing from insurance forms required dependencies on third-party vendors or operational teams - keying in data manually. As a result, data processing errors were frequent. In addition, enriching data quality and lack of operational scalability have continuously troubled process owners, leading to operational bottlenecks.

Kanverse.ai launches the Fluorite release of its IDP product

Team Kanverse is thrilled to introduce the Fluorite release packed with new features for its AP Invoice Automation, strengthening its offering and market leadership. This release also introduces document processing across the Insurance industry. Now seamlessly process ACORD and Supplementary Forms with 99.5% accuracy through the Kanverse system - powered by an automated workflow.

Automate ACORD and Supplemental Forms Processing

Kanverse introduces a new workflow automation product for processing Insurance ACORD and Supplemental Forms with up to 99.5% extraction accuracy.

Kanverse In-app Collaboration transforms AP Invoice Automation

Cutting edge invoice processing automation software like Kanverse comes with in-app AP collaboration suite that helps users communicate with team members from within the product through messaging, facilitating task completion while AP invoice processing. Tag team members and engage with synchronous chats while working asynchronously. The system also offers real-time in-app notifications.

Kanverse.ai launches the Emerald release of its IDP product

Emerald release pioneers AP collaboration; it delivers an industry-leading collaborative experience to internal and cross-functional teams. It enables team members to collaborate in the context of a document and provide feedback. The Emerald release comes with other exciting features as well.

Zero touch invoice processing with up to 99.5% extraction accuracy

Organizations can finally build resilient AP processes with shorter cycle times, increased efficiency, reduced invoice processing errors, meeting global compliance standards, and saving costs with Kanverse zero-touch invoice processing.

Kanverse - Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Workflow

On average, 80% of documents entering business processes today are processed manually on a day to day basis. Relying entirely on human efforts to process documents can lead to long cycle times, unwanted errors, increased costs, and hampered productivity.

Why Kanverse?

Kanverse is an AI-powered platform that can support various use cases across the enterprise to remove bottlenecks, streamline business processes, and minimize manual touchpoints across workflows.

Kanverse - Virtual Assistant

Kanverse Virtual Assistant provides a 360-degree view to present summarized information, alerts, and analytics to employees and IT support Agents. It connects with multiple enterprise systems to provide a consolidated view of the enterprise services.

Kanverse Intelligent Document Processing - Citrine Release

Kanverse Cognitive Automation brings together Cognitive Computing and automation. With its Citrine release, Kanverse.ai introduces a suite of innovative industry-leading features powered by AI, along with a completely redesigned UI.