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Kanverse Unveils Insurance Forms Processing Automation Tool

January 21, 2022

Hyperautomation platform Kanverse has rolled out an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered document processing product for the insurance industry. As a result, insurers can “intelligently automate” the insurance forms submission intake process (for ACCORD and supplemental forms) with up to 99.5% extraction accuracy.

Traditionally the insurance forms submission process faces multiple operational challenges —manually processing documents is highly inconvenient, error-prone brings unprecedented disruptions. As a result, underwriters and assistants spend up to 45% of their time on administrative activities, consolidating and enriching data, when their core focus should be evaluating risk.

“The release changes the paradigm for submission intake for the insurance industry by automating the end-to-end process” - Dr. Akhil Sahai (Chief Product Officer, Founding Member –

Continue reading this comprehensive and poignant take on automating the insurance forms submission process here.

Empowering Insurers: AI Transforms Insurance Claims Automation

Kanverse's AI-powered document processing redefines insurance claims automation, enabling intelligent automation for form submission intake with remarkable accuracy, enhancing efficiency and allowing  underwriters to focus on risk evaluation rather than administrative tasks.

About the Author

Dr. Akhil Sahai, Chief Product Officer, Founding member

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