A Small Step with RPA, a Giant Leap with Hyperautomation

A Small Step with RPA, a Giant Leap with Hyperautomation

July 8, 2021

A report by Gartner found only 13% of enterprises were able to scale their early RPA initiatives. While RPA is a step in the right direction, Enterprises need much more.

Hyperautomation enables a set of technologies to come to the rescue in addition to RPA. Your organization can drive business value across the entire spectrum of business processes. And with IT’s increasing digital maturity, IT leaders can take advantage.

Hyperautomation technology not only adds greater cognitive capabilities, but also expands out across the business, operating on an enterprise scale and encompassing every element of digital transformation. By addressing a much larger array of processes or applications, organizations can profoundly improve their automation efforts. And that’s what hyperautomation is all about – helping you enhance and accelerate your digital business.

Read this insightful article on how Hyperautomation with RPA can be a game changer published in TechTarget: Read here

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Dr. Akhil Sahai, Chief Product Officer, Founding member

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