The rise of Virtual Assistant in Different Industries

January 8, 2021

Siri, Cortana, Alexa….and the list goes on. How we look for assistance has changed in the past decade and is changing continually. Known as Virtual Assistants or Voice Searches, the scope of such tools' applications is growing, and the global intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) market is expected to grow USD 17.72 billion by 2023. Virtual assistance is a query initiated programming that mostly provides support services and intelligent information to a business from a remote location. They can assist employees with tasks like 360 view of enterprise information, Intelligent tickets routing, intelligent assistance for daily tasks, etc.

Ethan, the Kanverse universal virtual assistant, acts as the personalized digital assistant that converses with the users to provide relevant information based on queries, present analytics, and executes automated workflows to offer a quick resolution. It also assists employees across their daily activities through intuitive conversations and automates manual tasks and actions.

Enterprise Virtual Assistant

For instance, Enterprise Virtual Assistants are meant to perform more customized and complex tasks than the average search we use individually. With AI and Machine Learning, a virtual enterprise assistant can help augment standard human processes across many departments.

Kanverse EVA acts like a personal assistant to each employee and responds according to its behaviour and historical data. EVA allows access to the enterprise information, along with the alerts and analytics from various enterprise systems like

  • Salesforce: Provide the latest information about the pipeline to a sales leader
  • Oracle ERP: Provide details to a Finance and Accounting leader
  • HRSM: provide information about outstanding leaves and benefits
  • IT Service Desk: Provide information about critical tickets to the IT leader etc.

Virtual Support Agent

A virtual agent, sometimes called an intelligent virtual agent (IVA) or chatbot, is a platform that uses scripted rules and, increasingly, artificial intelligence applications to provide automated service or guidance to employees.

Kanverse virtual support agents help IT departments to gain better visibility and manage tickets more efficiently. it also integrated with IT service and includes features like

  • Chatbot assistance
  • Intelligent ticket routing
  • Agent smart help
  • Training application
  • Automated resolution of repetitive and manual tasks

Things to consider when choosing a Virtual Assistant to grow business

Your virtual assistant purpose will define how you train it and its capabilities; however, some aspects to consider could be deemed essential.

  • Cross-Platform Intelligent Bot - Single bot architecture that can seamlessly integrate with multiple enterprise applications
  • Multi-System Login - retrieve information or perform actions across various enterprise applications from a single chatbot interface
  • Omnichannel Availability - Available across mobile and desktop channels, also can be integrated with 3rd party business tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Oracle, Salesforce, etc
  • Intelligent Conversations - Tone and sentiment adjustment analysis.
  • Smart AI Builder - Users can leverage an advanced UI component to train new data, categorize data and automate data/intent labelling.
  • Enterprise Connectors - Allow prebuilt connectors for existing enterprise applications, delivers plug and play experience
  • AI Models - Prebuild AI models to catering specific business use cases across the multiple enterprise departments
  • Intuitive Visualization - Chatbot content displayed in the form of intelligent cards, tables, and charts to enhance visualization and enable seamless navigation

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