Using IDP to jump-start your AI journey- TechTarge

Using Process Insurance Documents (IDP) to jump-start your Artificial Intelligence (AI) journey- TechTarget

August 13, 2021

IDP represents a great entry point for organizations looking to start their AI journey. Whether it's meeting compliance/regulatory requirements, increasing the accuracy of business processes, or just making better use of the content within documents, IDP can be a simple way to achieve immediate value, while building skills and technologies that can be scaled for improved business insights over time.

It promises better things on the road ahead: leveraging AI within the confines of structured, digitized documents to unlock unprecedented levels of business insight. Moreover, IDP is the foundation for many advanced applications, and is well-suited for organizations taking small steps toward AI because it focuses on the value of the information, not just how it’s created. IDP systems go beyond simply capturing a static document.

Karan Yaramada gives you a comprehensive summation of how embarking your AI journey can become more meaningful, outcome based and effective when you begin with IDP.

Read the full article featured in TechTarget here.

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