Nephrite Kanverse PR with Nephrite release offers AI powered unstructured document processing to transform Insurance workflows and strengthens suite for accounting.

San Jose, California | Dec 10, 2024 –, a Hyperautomation company, has announced the global launch of Nephrite release of its patented AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing Product suite for Enterprises. 

The Nephrite release brings out enhancements to the platform overall and strengthens the existing product suites with exciting new features: 

  • Kanverse Suite for Insurance 

    • New Kanverse accelerator for Guidewire Policy Center. Also listed in the Guidewire marketplace. 
    • In addition to ACORD forms, Kanverse now supports Unstructured and Semi-Structured Insurance documents, namely  
      • Statement of Values (SOV)
      • Loss Run Reports 

      • Quotation Slips 

      • Custom forms 

    • Loss Run Insights visualization
    • Normalized downloadable CSV and JSON  

    • Extraction of Insurance submission data from the Broker’s email body

  • Kanverse Suite for Accounting 

    • AP Invoice Automation 
      • Powerful Collaboration framework for GL code allocation 

      • Enhancement to AP Dashboard metrics 

      • Role-based access control and enhanced user interface for approvals.

    • AP Vendor Management
      • Vendor Onboarding.
        • Automated AI-powered extraction of W-9 form and validation with form details for Vendor Onboarding 

        • Managing routing, accounting numbers, and other bank details. 

  • Kanverse Suite for BFS 

    • Processing of Complex Unstructured Contract documents. 

  • Kanverse Platform Features: 

    • Support for complex Excel file processing 

    • Excel Preview feature 

    • New Dark Theme of User Interface 

    • Visualization of usage data using subscription start date as a filter in the Operations Dashboard. 


Dr. Akhil Sahai, Chief Product Officer said, “With Nephrite release, we have brought to the market latest AI/ML innovations in unstructured document processing. Our suite for Insurance shifts the paradigm on automated submission and claims intake with processing support for the whole range of insurance documents now”. Overview, a Hyperautomation company, offers a cloud-based platform and a suite of products that can support various use cases across the enterprise to remove bottlenecks, streamline business processes, and minimize manual touch points across workflows. Our flagship product is AI-powered Kanverse Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) that supports the processing of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured documents. Kanverse delivers solutions for AP Invoice Automation, Sales Order Automation, Insurance Document Processing Automation, and KYC & KYB Automation. Learn more at:  


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