Kanverse AI-powered accounts payable (AP) document automation: how one skeptical IT leader became a convinced customer + convincing advocate

At first, Kanverse’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) concept sounds familiar. Of course companies want to digitize invoices (and other documents, such as POs and quotes) for fast, accurate processing automation. It’s the 21st century, so automation and digital transformation go hand in hand. However, Kanverse brings something new and powerful to the AP document processing challenge—and that something is AI. EMA recently had an in-depth conversation with the global head of IT for a large, privately owned manufacturing company that is headquartered in the US with subsidiaries around the world. In his words, what follows is the zigzag path to Kanverse’s IDP solution for accounts payable and its wildly successful implementation that left the C-suite “shell-shocked” and delighted.

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