A Leading Non-Profit Agency’s journey to Zero Touch Invoice Processing powered by AI

The entire AP process at this organization was manually driven – dragging down organizational efficiency and productivity. The AP team manually took the printouts of the invoices and keyed in the information into the ERP systems. In addition, 70% of invoices were Purchase Order (PO) related; keeping track of records and, at the exact time, meeting compliance requirements was challenging. In case of errors, mismatches, or incorrect data (purchase order, amount, GL code, etc.), the team had to manually find and track down the information from archives or contact the vendor to fix it. This increased process cycle time led to time and increased costs; repetitive tasks often overburdened the AP team – hampering their morale and productivity. Learn how Kanverse has empowered this organization with more flexibility and agility, which reduced their AP cycle time from days to seconds and reaped many more benefits.

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