Kanverse Virtual Assistant acts as the personalized digital assistant that converses with the users to provide relevant information based on queries, presents analytics, and executes automated workflows to provide a quick resolution.

Kanverse VA may be deployed as an Enterprise Virtual Assistant that connects to multiple enterprise systems.

  • Connects with Salesforce to provide sales leaders with the latest pipeline information
  • Connects with Oracle ERP systems to provide critical information to Finance and Accounting leader
  • Connects with HRSM systems to provide employees with information regarding leaves, company policies, payroll

Kanverse Virtual Assistant can also be deployed as a Virtual Support Agent that:

  • Connects with IT Service Desks to resolve user queries, create tickets, and provide assistance
  • Resolves up to 40% of repetitive and manual tasks in an automated manner

Enterprise Virtual Assistant – Business Benefit

Personal assistant for all enterprise users

Caters to the need of all users across different business units by integrating with multiple enterprise application systems

Enhanced employee experience

The virtual assistant provides personalized and contextual conversations and helps enhance employee productivity manifolds

Omnichannel experience for users

The virtual assistant is available across mobile and desktop channels; it can also be integrated with other messaging channels

Faster task completion

Converses with users to supports task completion and provides relevant information to user queries

Faster access to information

The system disseminates summarized information and alerts from various enterprise systems

Virtual Support Agent– Business Benefit

Virtualize 24/7 service desk

A digital concierge available around the clock, providing real-time information, reminders, notifications and resolutions

Operational intelligence

Recommends ticket resolution solutions to agents based on past resolution history; also references the company’s Knowledge Base

Make Ticket creation easy

Creation of new IT tickets through the virtual support agent; employee receives real-time notifications on ticket updates

Intelligent ticket routing saves time and costs

Machine Learning models categorizes and sorts tickets base on priority, sentiment, intent, and autonomously assign it to workgroups and agents based on skill set

Conversation to resolution in minutes

Resolves up to 40% of tasks that are repetitive and manual

Reduce number of IT ticket created

The assistant intuitively pulls up articles from company knowledge base to resolve user query before resorting to ticket creation

Kanverse Virtual Assistant - Use Cases

Enterprise Virtual

Allows a 360-degree view to the enterprise users and presents summarized information, alerts, and analytics.

Virtual Support

ITSM solutions have helped IT departments to gain better visibility and manage tickets more efficiently.

Kanverse VA workflow

Kanverse provides a 360-degree enterprise view to all users. It presents summarized information, alerts, and analyses data from various enterprise systems for users depending on their role and requirement.

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