momentum pr banner image Gained Momentum in 2021 on the Strength of AI-Powered Intelligent Document Processing Products for Finance and Insurance

San Jose, California | 25 January 2022 - Kanverse, a pioneering Hyper automation company that emerged from stealth in May 2021 with cutting edge solutions to intelligent automate document processing workflows for enterprises of all sizes, reached significant milestones in annual revenue growth, and received industry and analyst recognition for its path breaking product offerings.

Kanverse hyper automation platform and its AI-powered offerings for AP Invoice Automation (APIA) and Insurance Document processing have been transforming Enterprises across the board. Customers like Fellowes brands, Octave Music group, Solairus Aviation, Lattice Semiconductor, Non-Profit Insurance Alliance et al have significantly reduced operations costs, observed extraction accuracy of up to 99.5% and reduced document processing cycles by up to 98%.

Kanverse received analyst recognition in the 2021 Gartner report covering the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) competitive landscape (Nov 2021) and was also positioned as a Contender in The Information Services Group Study on –The Intelligent Automation - Solutions & Services 2021 - ISG Provider Lens™ (Published December 15, 2021).

Earlier in 2021, Kanverse received multiple awards like Globee Bronze disruptor Award, was finalist for best AI/ML Startup and was the Timmy Awards Finalist for best AI Startup. Most recently, the Business Intelligence Group has just awarded Kanverse with the 2022 BIG Innovation Award on January 11, 2022. This award validates the company’s endeavor and purpose to help global enterprises to build “Zero-Touch” document processing workflows.

Karan Yaramada, CEO of, said, “Today, enterprises of all sizes have tremendous pressure to reduce their operating costs. The operating costs have significantly escalated in the past two years due to supply chain disruptions, workforce challenges, and Covid infections. Kanverse has the right solution to reduce operating costs by automating business processes, reducing human errors, providing business insights, and freeing staff from repetitive tasks. I am happy to see the rapid adoption of Kanverse across Enterprises and the significant recognition of our efforts."

Dr. Akhil Sahai, Chief Product Officer at, said, “Kanverse hyper automation is delivering touchless and frictionless transformation by bringing together innovation powered by AI/ML technologies to bear upon high touch document processing-based workflows like AP Invoice processing and Insurance submission intake processes. Industry and Analysts, as well as customers, are recognizing the cutting-edge innovations and significant productivity and cost benefits we are delivering with these products." Overview

Kanverse is a Hyper automation platform and a suite of products that can support various use cases across the enterprise to remove bottlenecks, streamline business processes, and minimize manual touchpoints across workflows. Kanverse provides end to end automation through AI-powered cognitive extraction, decisioning and analytics, workflows and out of box connectors for interfacing with users and system of records where enterprise data is maintained.

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