Kanverse Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) reduces document processing cycle time from hours to seconds, optimizes operations cost and turbocharges productivity by freeing up staff from repetitive and manual tasks. Automatically ingest, extract, validate, and publish data with up to 99.5% processing accuracy with Kanverse IDP.

Built upon a SaaS based Cognitive Automation platform, Kanverse IDP brings together Cognitive computing and Automation in a standalone product to deliver zero touch experience and unprecedented benefits to customers.

IDP Uses 7 Powerful Technologies
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Business Rules
  • Workflows

Kanverse IDP – Business Benefits

Reduce cost of operations by up to 60%

Converts unstructured data into relevant actionable insights and processes and reduces your accounting operations cost by up to 60%.

Achieve up to 99.5% document processing accuracy

Kanverse IDP achieves up to 99.5% document extraction accuracy while reducing cycle time and optimizing cost.

Automate up to 80% of accounting workload

Automate Account payable, Purchase orders and Quote’s processing workflows by removing manual work.

Painless digital transformation

Seamless document data capture from multi-channels like e-mail, portal, sharepoint and automated classification, extraction, validation and filing.

Dramatically shorten deployment time

Eliminate the need to create templates for extraction and ditch the complex template creation and update process.

Meet security and compliance standards

Meet end-to-end compliance and security requirements with holistic visibility and monitoring.

Kanverse IDP – Use Cases

AP Invoice Processing

Automated workflow to extract and validate the header amount, line-item data from supplier invoices

Purchase Order (PO) Processing Automation

Automated order data extraction from physical, scanned and faxed POs

Quotation Processing Automation

Automate data extraction from quotations and filing into standardized, structured data in the ERP system

IDP workflow

Kanverse intelligent document processing product is an end-to-end solution which completely digitizes your document processing workflows.

Now anyone can Monitor, Track, and Retrieve Information from physical documents entering your business processes in seconds.

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Kanverse Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Key Features

Multichannel and Multilanguage document import

Import documents from your preferred choice of channels and handle documents in multiple languages for processing.

AI-powered auto-classification

Identify and classify documents of interest and other supporting documents and process only the required documents and pass the others through to system of records.

Highly accurate extraction of up to 99.5%

Recognize and extract the header, line-item data, and data from tables based on business needs using AI-powered OCR.

Ingestion of single, multi-invoice documents and in pdf, image form

Automatically extract data and process multiple invoices from a single document.

AutoCorrect with fuzzy logic

Automatically correct data by using fuzzy logic to enhances the document extraction experience.

Automatic data verification against business rules

Apply business specific custom rules, validations, notifications while processing the data.

Analytics Dashboard

Newly build dashboard provides complete visibility of the entire process.

Out of box connectors

Connect with Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion to digitize the entire document processing workflows.

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