Kanverse intelligent document processing product reduces operational costs by optimizing business processes and workflows with intelligent automation. It helps to reduce document processing cycle time, increases productivity and efficiency.

It makes your business processes more resilient and ensures uninterrupted business process continuity. It also ensures data integrity and quality with AI-powered data processing and flexible capture solutions.

Kanverse IDP – Business Benefits

Increase efficiency and reduce cost

Kanverse IDP will remove bottlenecks, streamline processes, and reduce operational costs across all document processing workflows.

Seamless document capture

Document capture flexibility helps to streamline workflows and increases efficiency

Eliminates template creation

Eliminate the need to create templates for extraction and ditch the complex template creation process

Reduce cycle time

Documents entering your business through multiple channels are seamlessly recognized, processed, and published which increases organizational productivity.

AI driven analytics and monitoring

Analyze and monitor document flow to detect anomalies, ensure business process continuity, and effectiveness. Also, prioritize resources based on changing business requirements

Meet security and compliance standards

Meet end-to-end compliance and security requirements with holistic visibility and monitoring

Kanverse IDP – Use Cases

AP Invoice Processing

Automated workflow to extract and validate the header amount, line-item data from supplier invoices

Purchase Order (PO) Processing Automation

Automated order data extraction from physical, scanned and faxed POs

Quotation Processing Automation

Automate data extraction from quotations and filing into standardized, structured data in the ERP system

IDP workflow

Kanverse intelligent document processing product is an end-to-end solution which completely digitizes your document processing workflows.

Now anyone can Monitor, Track, and Retrieve Information from physical documents entering your business processes in seconds.

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